Get your tickets now for the 2016 voyage of the Titanic II

No, James Cameron is not making a sequel to TITANIC. This idea is even worse. Someone is building an actual replica of the HMS Titanic and it will be setting sail in 2016.

The Titanic II is currently on track to recreate the original ship's ill-fated route from England to New York in four years. Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who has previously failed at recreating the infamous cruise ship, announced today that the new Titanic will be a faithful and accurate recreation of the original, but updated with high tech features.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the finished Titanic II, which will carry 1,680 passengers, will be small by today’s cruising standards when most ships carry more than 2,000 passengers. To ensure the meticulous design, a historical research team is working with Palmer’s Blue Star Line Pty. Ltd. As such, there will be four decorative smoke stacks, though the ship itself will run on diesel. There will also be updates to the original Titanic‘s construction that will increase its sturdiness, maximize fuel efficiency, and allow the vessel to maneuver more precisely. Like, say, around icebergs (just an example). Palmer did not disclose the cost of the project.

While many would consider Titanic II to be a horrible idea, I give you TITANIC II.



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