Ghana movie posters

It wasn't easy in the 80s for the citizens of Ghana to watch the latest releases. Movie theaters were few and far between and if they did get a print of a movie it wasn't always something they wanted to see. But with the advent of the VHS, bootlegs made their way into Ghana and "mobile cinemas" started sprouting up. With nothing more than a VCR, TV and a truck, these cinemas would tour around and charge people a nominal fee to watch some Hollywood films. And what would a cinema be without movie posters? To help promote their showings, they hired local artists to paint posters on canvas flour sacks. They were rolled up and taken along with the traveling cinema and posted up when they reached the next town. Many times the artists hadn't even yet seen the movie they were painting and that led to some rather creative interpretations. To the right you can see EVIL DEAD 2 and a new gallery of these posters has popped up online including CUJO (where the St. Bernard looks like he's been replaced by a Cocker Spaniel), TERMINATOR, POLTERGEIST 2, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and HOUSE PARTY. You can check out a larger gallery of the paintings here and find out where you can find more on these crazy, beautiful paintings.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if these are worth any money?
Source: Assemblyman-Eph



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