Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance website fires up

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (IN 3D) is coming out in a few scant months, so Sony has launched the official site right here. It's got a longer desciption of the story-

"Johnny still struggling with his curse as the devil's bounter hunter is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when he is recruited by a secret sept of the church to save a young boy from the devil. At first, Johnny is reluctant to embrace the power of the Ghost Rider, but it is the only way to protect the boy and possibly rid himself of his curse forever."

There are also images from the film, a few funny gifs (this one in particular needs to end up plastered around the internet), and... buddy icons? I think I remember those. 

The first GHOST RIDER was about as good as anyone expected (read: awful) but the sequel actually seems like it has potential. If anything, we'll get some more nutty Nic Cage, and when has that ever been a bad thing? Never, that's when. A Cage performance will redeem nearly any movie. 

Source: Sony Pictures



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