GI Joe DVD too soon?

GI JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA hit theaters on August 7th. Just 88 days later it will hit DVD and Blu-ray on November 3rd. While that might be awesome for fans of the flick (or people who missed it in theaters), theater owners are upset that Paramount isn't sticking to the average theatrical window of 123 days. Actually upset might be downplaying it a little bit as NATO president John Fithian says, "Our members are ballistic."

So what's the big deal? Well with a longer window, it theoretically makes it easier for potential moviegoers to part with their cash. Say you're trying to decide whether you want to go see GI JOE in mid-August. If you know it'll be on DVD in early-November, you might be more inclined to skip the $10 ticket price and just wait. But if you knew it wasn't coming out on DVD until 2010, you might suck it up and hit up the movie theater (and buy all those pricey concessions).

Fithian finds the tactic "highly objectionable" and has recommended to his members that they pull the film from theaters if studios announce a street date with a tighter window. In this case (and with THE GOODS, also with an 88-day window), Paramount is saying it just wants to beat the holiday rush and they should resume a normal schedule in the new year.

So does when a DVD comes out impact whether you'll see a movie in the theater or not? Usually I decide whether I'm going to wait for DVD long before a street date is announced by that's just me...

Extra Tidbit: I smell a back-alley brawl at this year's ShoWest.
Source: THR



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