GI Joe gets rewritten

Word on the street had it that the two existing drafts of GI JOE - one by Skip Woods the other by Paul Lovett & David Elliot - were pretty much crap. And the idea to combine those two crappy scripts into one movie sounded like it was a crappy idea. Once Stephen Sommers signed on to direct though, he was smart enough to require a complete rewrite. So Paramount has hired Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL) to write a completely new GI JOE script while the other version will be chucked in the trash. As you may have heard, Sommers' vision for the film follows G.I.J.O.E., which stands for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity and is made up of an elite, international team of bad-asses looking to put the smack down on Cobra. No word yet on whether Cobra has a schnazzy acronym like G.I.J.O.E. Beattie has a number of projects on the way including 30 DAYS OF NIGHT, AUSTRALIA and SPY HUNTER. Paramount is looking to get Sommers in production in February for a big summer 2009 release.

Extra Tidbit: Beattie's first produced script was a kids kangaroo movie starring Ed Begley, Jr.
Source: Variety



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