Giancarlo Esposito set to helm satire This Is Your Death

You have Gus Fring involved in your movie these days, and I'm going to automatically pay attention. Seriously. Since BREAKING BAD Season 4, when Giancarlo Esposito's name comes up on a project, it has me at hello. And THIS IS YOUR DEATH is no different. It sure helps that the premise is interesting as hell, too, though.

Esposito is set to direct a satirical drama titled THIS IS YOUR DEATH that he'll also star in, alongside Josh Duhamel and Famke Janssen. At the center of the story is a reality show that has contestants ending their lives for the audience’s enjoyment.

Yeah, it's about to get awfully real for those who recognize the correlations to where we're at as a society today.

Duhamel would play a game show host who is chasing high ratings and this is the path his show has to take. Janssen is a network executive who is all about selling their souls to the devil in order to be #1 in their time slot. As for Esposito, he'll be portraying a man who has hit a rough patch in keeping his family afloat, so you know he's set to be a contestant that helps shine a lot on how F'd-up this entire concept is.

There is a sense of THE RUNNING MAN to this (Stephen King's print version, not the Schwarzenegger version), and it's all about watching the disaster of other people's lives from the comfort of our own homes - everything reality TV seems to be built on - so it'll be interesting to see how Esposito can pull this off and whether or not the messages of the film hit hard with those who catch it.



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