Giger on The Gate?

Of the countless and endless horror remakes, I'm actually okay with a 3-D update of the 80s suburban horror treat THE GATE. The original was a fun and creepy little gem, but it's also a great premise that could stand a modern facelift.

And even better, it will have creatures designed by brilliant Swiss surrealist / nightmare-maker H.R. Giger! According to Quiet Earth, the imagination that birthed the original Alien is coming up with some beasts for the new flick, being directed by Alex Winter (yep, Bill S. Preston, Esq. from the BILL & TED flicks, and director of the underappreciated movie FREAKED).

The original fashion-dated GATE starred a young Stephen Dorff, who discovers that a portal to hell has manifested in his backyard thanks to an unlikely combination of celestial alignment, deceased family dog, fallen tree, weird friend and heavy metal lyrics. The rift unleashes all manner of chaos, mostly in the form of mischievous little demon minions.

Quiet Earth also has some other information and storyboards from the new project. It appears that the impish minions look fairly similar to their earlier version, but Giger will be helping provide more monster variety (but of the PG-13 sort *sad trombone*).

You can check out the trailer for the original below.

Extra Tidbit: Winter directed a video for the Bomb the Bass song "Bug Powder Dust", which had lyrics influenced by NAKED LUNCH.
Source: Quiet Earth



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