Gilliam & Pixar?

    Emilia, Terry and Greta

Quite understandable that someone like Terry Gilliam who's seen his masterpieces butchered up out of budgetary panic (Munchhausen) or executive stupidity (Brazil) or sheer foul luck (The Man who Killed Don Quixote) must admire the people of Pixar for their constant creative success. But seems like Gilliam wants more than to watch their films.

Talking to the folks of Slash Film during a recent BFI event in his honor, the directing Python didn't hide his admiration for John Lasseter & crew, claiming he'd even take a job sweeping their floor just to dwell in their creative environment. I would too but for the benefits...

Humor in his praises turned somewhat serious though, when Gilliam mentioned he met director Andrew Stanton last year for the WALL-E premiere, and asked him to "keep a door open". A Pixar film by Gilliam? How many human sacrifices should I make to see THAT in my lifetime, please?

For more on that chat between Terry and Slash Film, head on OVER HERE to watch the video.

Speaking of Pixar, the sequel to CARS might've picked itself a new subtitle; over the last few days it has been observed that a bunch of similar domain names were purchased by Disney being:


That new title would be on par with the annoLuxi jr Lamp with UPunced storyline for the film, where tow truck Mater goes on a world tour with Lightning McQueen. I must admit I wasn't interested by CARS and haven,t seen it yet, but for those who did the sequel is due out in 2 years. In the mean time, please the big kid inside you with this awfully cute Luxo jr Lamp that will accompanies UP on DVD November 10.

Extra Tidbit: I swear to God that pic up there is genuine: Gilliam DID pose naked with a fish, Greta Scacchi and the stunning Emilia Fox to promote a documentary called THE END OF THE LINE.
Source: Slash Film



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