Gillian Anderson on board for another X-Files movie, has a strange request

I know there are a die-hard contingent of X-Files fans still out there, but I'm not sure that even they're really clamoring for another movie at this point. But rumors keep surfacing of a third film, and now Gillian Anderson has added to fuel to the fire by saying that she's totally on board.

“I hope it will happen, there’s talk of it,” she told Australian breakfast TV program Sunrise. “I don’t know who’s writing it but I hear there’s something going on,” she said.

Well that sounds conclusive. But stranger still, Anderson had an additional request when it comes to the series.

“I’ve always wanted to do a spoof of the X Files as a film,” she said. “We talked about that for a long time but maybe after three features we could get to do a spoof feature.”

Hah, what? She wants to do a spoof of the X-Files? Who requests that? That's like Gerard Butler saying he wants to star in MEET THE SPARTANS. You don't generally spoof your own stuff do you? I'm sure it's been done, but no examples are coming to mind presently.

So uh, do you want a third X-Files movie, or an X-Files spoof?

Extra Tidbit: I'm still stuck in season one. One of my many shows I still have yet to get through.
Source: THR



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