Gillian Jacobs to star opposite Azhy Robertson for Amblin horror film Larry

Amblin is preparing to unleash something quite scary upon the world with the release of LARRY, an upcoming horror thriller based on the short film of the same name by director-writer Jacob Chase. As part of the lead up to the film's production, it's been announced that COMMUNITY and GIRLS alumna Gillian Jacobs will be starring opposite Azhy Robertson (THE AMERICANS, AFTER THE WEDDING) in the feature-length film adaptation.

The story of LARRY revolves around a troubled young boy (Robertson) and his family who become the target of a monster that materialized through electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. The project is said to have the flavor of an old school family-related Amblin horror production akin to movies like POLTERGEIST and MAMA. The Picture Company partners Alex Heineman and Andrew Rona are on board as the film's producers, and shooting is expected to take place in Toronto beginning on October 2nd.

LARRY is being viewed as an opportunity for Jacobs to stretch her more serious acting muscles, as she is typically known for her comedic chops while appearing on shows like COMMUNITY as well as Netflix's IBIZA, a film from director Alex Richanbach about a young American woman and her two best friends who seek out a hot DJ in Spain. So yeah, LARRY looks to offer Jacobs something of a different platform for sure. Meanwhile, Robertson has been acting his little heart out since his first role as Eli on THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA, a 2016 comedy mystery crime television series. Since that first gig, Robertson has appeared in a series of short films, major motion pictures, and even a spot on an episode of Saturday Night Live. Little dude is going places, I would say.

LARRY does not have a release date at this time, though with production firing up this October, I suspect that we'll be hearing much from this movie sometime in 2019.



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