Ginger pride abounds in new full trailer for Pixar's Brave

It's always exciting when we get a look at whatever brilliant creation Pixar concocts next. And as this one isn't about talking cars, we're probably back on the right path toward their usual quality of film.

BRAVE is about a young Scottish princess trying to find her way and fight the usual path of a "lady" in her culture. Pixar films usually aren't as human focused as this one, and this has a far different look to it than say, THE INCREDIBLES or UP. The animation is unique to anything we've seen from them before, and it seems a lot more rich and less cartoonish to me. Look at that hair detail!

The assumption is this will be great, and the trailer is a lot of fun. Hopefully we're proven right once again. Check it out for yourself below.

Extra Tidbit: A bunch of little redheaded children just got very excited they have their own movie for once with a role not relegated to "wizard sidekick."
Source: Brave



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