Giovanni Ribisi latest actor to return to the Avatar sequels

So they're just bringing back everybody for the AVATAR sequels, aren't they? Which wouldn't usually be a problem, except that they're also bringing people back - like Sigourney Weaver and Scott Lang - who fucking died. At least bringing back Giovanni Ribisi as Parker "'90s CEO villain" Selfridge makes sense to return. Also, what else is Ribisi doing, anyway?

Also it looks like the AVATAR sequels are finally in production, to the tune of possibly one billion dollars. I mean, are people really that excited for an AVATAR sequel? Look, I saw the first one too, because I'm an easily manipulated sheep who fell for the hype, but I'm not sure the sequels have that benefit of the doubt. However, I'll fully admit I don't really have the pulse of the masses. I've seen BIRDEMIC thirty times...what the hell do I know?

Meanwhile the AVATAR sequels are reportedly finally shooting for December releases from now until the sun engulfs the Earth.

Extra Tidbit: Is everyone from the first movie confirmed to be in the sequels at this point?
Source: Deadline



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