Glass cracks $3.7 million from Thursday night showings

Today is the day everyone can go to the theater at any time and see the highly-anticipated follow-up to UNBREAKABLE and SPLIT – GLASS. The new movie from M. Night Shyamalan is expected to have the biggest opening weekend of the year so far, and one of the largest ever for MLK weekend. So far things are off to a great start for the thriller, pulling in $3.7 million from Thursday night screenings and is on its way to a projected $50-60 million opening.

While making a little under $4 million on a Thursday doesn’t sound all that great when compared to Marvel movies or even Warner Bros.’ THE NUN last summer ($5.4 million), that's a terrific total for a thriller like GLASS. In fact, it shatters the $2 million Thursday night frame for SPLIT during the same point in the month back in 2017, and that movie went on to have a $40 million opening (though also off the back of great reviews). With fan anticipation behind it, the movie should have no trouble hitting the projections set before it.

The only thing standing in the way of GLASS’ success are the negative reviews. Though not as bad as Shyamalan’s lesser efforts, the reception has been much worse than compared to the previous two movies, with critics saying it cracks under the weight of expectations despite some terrific performances. There currently aren’t any audience scores up yet, but should audiences like it (see VENOM), then things should go well for the movie at the box office in the long run, especially during this sleepy January month. You can only see AQUAMAN so many times and everyone who wants to see THE UPSIDE with Kevin Hart most likely already has.

I saw GLASS last night, and while I do agree with what some other critics have been saying I'm more on the positive side of the fence. Everyone in the movie is so good and Shyamalan has crafted an entertaining movie in this tiny little universe of characters. It's fun, for the most part, if only to come crashing down in the final act. If you're anxious to see it, then I say go and decide for yourself. If you're on the fence...maybe see AQUAMAN again? 

GLASS is in theaters now.

Source: Variety



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