GLOW season two trailer finds the ladies dealing with pressures of fame

In the first season of GLOW, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling took a small, ragtag operation and turned it into something wildly popular. Come season two they will have to come face to face with the pressures and craziness that comes with fame, and in the new trailer they deal with personal feuds, racism, misogyny and die-hard fans. Seriously, these fans look a little insane. Alison Brie, Marc Maron, Betty Gilpin and more return in the trailer above!

Season 2 follows the women of GLOW as they become local celebrities, confronting the good, the bad, and the ugly realities of their newfound fame. As Ruth and Debbie settle into the day-to-day of making a season of TV together, they confront lingering issues at the heart of their friendship. Sam is still Sam, but now he has a teenage daughter living with him and twenty episodes to churn out. The wrestling is harder, the stakes are higher, and the hair is even bigger.

Netflix puts out too many shows to count nowadays, but like HOUSE OF CARDS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, STRANGER THINGS and UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT, GLOW has found a way to break out from the pack and connect with audiences. Season two looks like it will be just as good as the first, so let’s get ready to binge! It…it helps if you say it like the “let’s get ready to rumble!” guy.

GLOW season two hits Netflix on June 29.

Source: Netflix



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