Go behind the scenes of Edge of Tomorrow with four new featurettes

Earlier today, we got a look at the kick ass extended trailer for Doug Liman's EDGE OF TOMORROW. Featuring a mix of intense military action scenes, a twisty time travel narrative, Tom Cruise fighting in a mech-suit, and Emily Blunt looking sexy as hell with a big ass sword, the movie looks like the perfect mix of everything we love about genre films. While the finished product will tell us if the trailers live up to the potential of the story, these four new featurettes certainly help support that claim.

Clocking in at just a couple of minutes each, these videos delve into a lot of the footage shown in the extended trailer while also giving some background from Cruise, Blunt, and director Doug Liman. Everyone involved looks like they are really sold that EDGE OF TOMORROW is going to blend all sorts of great action with a complex storyline. Each successive trailer has definitely helped to convince me that this will be more than GROUNDHOG DAY crossed with an alien invasion. Plus, like Tom Cruise or not, you cannot doubt the guy goes all in for every role he takes on, even well into middle age.

EDGE OF TOMORROW, starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, and Noah Taylor, will live/die/repeat in theaters, June 6, 2014.



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