Go behind the scenes of of the zero G stunts in this Mummy featurette

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The trailer for THE MUMMY hit in December of last year and showcased what looks to be one hell of an action sequence on a plane . . . in zero gravity! Given Tom Cruise and his penchant for doing things without digital trickery, you might have been wondering if those stunts were done with wires or in a real, zero gravity environment. The following featurette answers that question and gives you a taste of what you can expect with that action sequence.

While the trailer didn't do much for me in terms of hype, I'd say that the behind-the-scenes material does a good job of capturing the fun this movie is capable of. Furthermore, Tom Cruise is very careful in choosing his projects these days, and I believe that there's something special to this film if he decided to join a franchise. Here's hoping the next trailer gives us a bigger glimpse into that!

THE MUMMY opens in theaters on June 9, 2017.

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