Go behind the scenes with James Cameron at Disney's Pandora: World of Avatar

If you told me that we would get an AVATAR theme park, based on James Cameron's 2009 film, before we got a sequel, I would've thought you were crazy. However, that's EXACTLY what's going to happen as Disney's Pandora: The World of Avatar will open in the summer of 2017. For those keeping track, that's a full year and a half before AVATAR 2 is scheduled to hit theaters. Regardless of how you feel about the movie, the world it created was pretty eye-catching and it looks like Disney imagineers have captured the essence of that world in the expansion opening at Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. The following video gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the park and it's well worth your time!

I thought AVATAR was an exciting cinema experience, even if it was shallow on the story. I'm about as lukewarm as they come in regards to the sequels, but the park attraction looks REALLY cool. Universal Studios has been killing it with their faithful reproduction of the Harry Potter universe, so I'm excited to see what Disney can pull of with their "retaliatory response" in Pandora. At the very least, we know it's actually coming!

AVATAR 2 is now scheduled to open the December 21st of 2018.

Source: Disney Parks



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