Get an inside look at PlayStation Network's Powers with Sharlto Copley


If you've yet to hear of the PlayStation Network exclusive series Powers, the behind the scenes story is just as interesting as anything going on in the show. Originally starring Jason Patric and set to hit FX back in 2012, the show was eventually recast and reshot in 2014. Sharlto Copley took on the lead role of homicide detective Christian Walker who investigates cases involving superheroes and supervillains in the aptly titled division, Powers. The series' opening episodes will hit in just under a month's time so Sony has released a pretty in-depth look at what to expect.

Television is now rife with comic book shows and as far as I'm concerned that can only be a good thing.  Let each network raise the bar and try to top the other in terms of quality and content. Bringing Powers exclusively to the PlayStation Network is definitely a gamble but considering Sony was willing to put up the money to have the damn thing recast and reshot, they must have SOME amount of faith in it. I can tell you that they went the right way with Sharlto Copley, as I'll watch that guy in anything!

You can check out Sharlto Copley on the big screen next as the titular CHAPPIE on March 6, 2015. The first three episodes of Powers will be free for PlayStation Plus members on March 10, 2015, with an episode hitting every Tuesday after that.


Extra Tidbit: Will you be tuning in to watch Powers?
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