Go to prison with these official The Walking Dead season 3 pics!

The Walking Dead season 3 is currently in production, tackling the setting and storyline that most fans regard as the best of the comic series; the prison.  The setting, along with new series villain, The Governor, presents a new set of challenges and possibilities for the nomadic zombie apocolypse survivors led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

The pics show the crew about to lay down some machete chops with an especially sexed-up Maggie (Lauren Cohan) looking like a character straight out of a RESIDENT EVIL movie. 

Take a look:

“I’m incredibly proud of the prison,” says showrunner Glen Mazzara. “I think our crew has done a great job. It’s a huge sense of scale and magnitude I haven’t seen on any other show as far as construction. What’s important to us is the prison itself is now a character in the show. It’s a haunted house, it’s scary, it’s frightening, and there are parts of the prison that are always terrifying, that are always inaccessible to our group. It’s not necessarily the blessing that the prison in the comic book turned out to be.”

THE WALKING DEAD season 3 premieres on AMC this Fall.

Extra Tidbit: Do you prefer your zombies Walking Dead style or Resident Evil style?



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