God of War releases E3 gameplay trailer

I'm actually surprised there's a new GOD OF WAR sequel coming out. Not because I think the game isn't popular, but that at the end of GOD OF WAR III Kratos (SPOILERS) killed the entire Greek pantheon. What else was there to tell? Who else was left to kill? Jehovah? Jesus?

Well, the answer was found in Norse mythology (though Egyptian mythology was considered). So the new game will be Kratos romping around in Thor's domain, kicking ass and taking names. I wonder if the Mighty Marvel Hero is safe? Kratos is also a father now, and must now temper his rage to be a father and mentor, which is actually an interesting way to to take the character.

Regardless, we don't come to this game for the story, but for Krato to beat the shit out of things, so without further ado, here's some gameplay footage from E3. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, GOD OF WAR will come exclusively to PS4 early 2018.

Extra Tidbit: David Jaffe - the guy who created the original GOD OF WAR - was also behind TWISTED METAL.
Source: YouTube



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