Shin Godzilla releases new trailer

Get out your torches and pitchforks folks, but I honestly never hated the 1998 GODZILLA. Part of that is I never really grew up liking the old kaiju movies, and always found them kind of stupid. Before you burn me at the stake, I've actually grown a fondness for them as I've gotten older (part of it as, not being an asshole kid anymore, I can actually appreciate the imagination behind the designs and the intention rather than simply the execution), but it's hard to shake old biases sometimes. 

Which brings us to the new trailer for SHIN GODZILLA, the Japanese reboot from EVANGELEON creator (which means you know it's going to be weird, meta, and possibly incomprehensible):

Yeah, that seems alright. I actually like that they may be focusing more on the nitty-gritty of what a GODZILLA disaster would entail, and how humans would handle the destruction. I understand a lot of people won't be as interested in that (hell, the lack of actual Godzilla in the American 2014 remake pissed me the hell off), but I think after 50 billion Japanese GODZILLA sequels, doing a different take might be refreshing. And if you're going to hire the EVANGELION guy, why would you expect a standard GODZILLA reboot? 

The film will be released domestically for a limited time from October 11th-18th, 2016.

So, favorite GODZILLA films?

Extra Tidbit: In GODZILLA: FINAL WARS the original Godzilla fights - and kills - the '98 Godzilla (named Zilla) in a fight that lasts less than 30 seconds.
Source: YouTube



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