Gold gets new release date & poster with a strutting Matthew McConaughey

Unpack your bags, kids. I know you were excited about venturing off into the jungle with Matthew McConaughey in his new movie GOLD this Christmas, but it turns out we’ll have to wait until the cold, bitter month of January for our treat.

A new press release for the movie indicated the new wide release for the film is scheduled for January 27, 2017, a full month back from the initial December 25 release. That being said, a Weinstein Company rep assured THR the movie will still receive an “awards-qualifying run”, most likely taking the form of critic screenings and a limited release near the end of December.

This is a smart move for the studio, as the movie will now avoid the onslaught of new releases, big and small, that come out during the holiday season, instead facing much less competition during the normally slow month of January. But if the delayed release still has you bummed, then we have a little gift for you in the form of a new poster for the movie. It’s nothing too fancy, but it features a balding McConaughey strutting like a big shot.

Take a look!

The simplicity of the original teaser poster has my vote over this one, but I still awe over McConaughey’s transformation that's on display here. Much like his work in DALLAS BUYERS CLUB the Oscar-winner proves to be a true physical chameleon as he becomes the plump, sweaty character Kenny Wells, a businessman who goes into the Indonesian jungle in hopes of striking gold. As for the release date bump I think it’s a smart move, if not simply because of the now less-congested holiday release schedule. Plus it shows TWC-Dimension still has high hopes the movie will be an awards contender by giving it some kind of release at the end of this year, which is always a good sign. I mean they had me at balding Matthew McConaughey, but still.

GOLD is now set for a wide release on January 27, 2017, and will get a limited release sometime around Christmas.

Source: TWC-DimensionTHR



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