Golden Globes Wrap-Up

Was it just me or were the Golden Globes last night more than a little ho-hum? I usually watch these award shows with some amount of interest (beyond the fact I watch it for my work here at JoBlo) but last night I found myself stifling yawns and fighting back the drowsiness. Why did this year seem to suck so bad? Was it the show? The nominees? Extreme exhaustion on my part? To borrow a line from Abe Simpson, I think it's a little from column A, a little from column B…

For me, this year there just weren't any great nominees to get behind. Sure I enjoyed A BEAUTIFUL MIND, but it was so clearly the frontrunner, rooting for it was no fun. I couldn't care less about MOULIN ROUGE and knowing that was going to win gobs of awards was disheartening. Meanwhile, one film I could get up and cheer for, MEMENTO, barely made a showing and even lost in the category most had considered it a lock to win (Best Screenplay). And today fanboys the world over are currently planning a violent overtaking of the Hollywood Foreign Press building after LORD OF THE RINGS was completely shutout. Unless, of course, a new episode of "Enterprise" is on that night.

The Golden Globes, to me, have become just another awards show attempting to cash in on the pre-Academy Award hype. Let's face it, the Globes are fine and good but really everyone there is hoping to get another, more prestigious award (for movies the Oscar, for TV the Emmy). Lately the whole end-of-the-year awards crap is getting to be a bit much (and yes, I am aware that we're hosting the First Annual Golden Schmoes Award in February but those awards will be cool - I promise). What did it for me were the abysmal AFI awards which were an absolute chore to sit through. The Globes are usually thought to be the Academy's hipper younger brother but this year was so incredibly dull that I had dreams of Billy Crystal's monologue. Normally that schtick would annoy me to no end but I need something! Dick Clark and his dopey interviews backstage ain't getting the job done. And let's face it - I'm a film guy. I was praying that Sandman from the Apollo would come out and sweep some of these TV folks off-stage. Especially that Rachel Griffiths from "Six Feet Under." Honey, I understand you're really excited but c'mon. No need to send props out to Australia. Just get your Globe, say a quick thanks and be on your way. Speaking of bad speeches, after watching Harrison Ford stammer and stutter his way through an acceptance speech for the Cecille B. DeMille Award, I've got just two things to say. First, someone please take that stupid looking earring of his and flush it down the toilet. Lastly, to whoever spiked Mr. Ford's Evian with valium - that wasn't funny.

In any event, let's all hope for a better show at this year's Academy Awards. After all, we should be thankful that we've got…Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi Goldberg's hosting?! Oh crap, I give up. Let's just start looking forward to the Golden Schmoes.

p.s. - Sadly, the highlight of the evening for me was seeing two old brat-packers (were they technically brat-packers? Debate…), Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland, come back to the mainstream with two surprising wins. Way to go guys. Don't know about Sheen's work on "Spin City" but Kiefer more than deserved it for "24."

p.p.s. - In case anyone was keeping score, I put a whoopin on that boy of mine. 5-3 final score with Dad walking away victorious.  What pisses me off even more is I had 3 more picks right that I changed at the last minute.  Could've really cleaned up, but I'll settle for this easy victory.

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