Gondry Motorola ad

I'm pretty sure that Michel Gondry will never ever get a screenplay as good or perfectly suited to his talents as ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, so I kind of approach news relating to him with a ho-hum. But there is just no doubting that he is a god damn visual genius. He's popped up with a new advert for Motorola, which is basically just him having a ball with some crazy visuals. Click HERE to check the thing out. It's just insane, and it makes me hope I'm wrong and that one day Kaufman's gonna write a new script for him with flying ponies and drumstick telephones or something. Gondry's next flick, BE KIND REWIND (which he wrote and directed) about Jack Black and Mos Def setting out to remake a ton of old films to save their video rental store from dying (like BACK TO THE FUTURE and ROBOCOP) looks pretty sweet, and it drops early next year.
Extra Tidbit: Did you guys see DAVE CHAPPELLE'S BLOCK PARTY? That was one of my favourite film of 2005.
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