Gondry the spokesman

Just about anything involving Michel Gondry immediately grabs my attention, folds it into an origami crane, paints it, and then unleashes it into a shattered television, no CG, all in-camera effects. That’s why I’m going to blast all of you with this little Hewlett-Packard ad spot about the director’s creative mojo and the computer he uses to bring it to life. To be honest, I’m just shocked that dude doesn’t use a Mac. Or maybe he does, and was paid a handsome sum to tell us otherwise. Most directors aren’t worthy of a one minute advertising spot because they’d be unable to floor you in 60 seconds flat. Not Gondry, who is bursting at the seams with some of the moist outrageous ideas in film these days, be it commercial, music video or feature. Funny, thing is, his brother directed this one. Check it out BELOW, and his Jack Black Comedy BE KIND, REWIND bows April 4th next year.
Extra Tidbit: Oliver 'Twist' Gondry is a commercial and music video director who has done work for The Still, The White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat, and The Vines.
Source: Youtube



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