Gosling for Lantern?

Ryan Gosling That trusty scoopilator El Mayimbe over at "Latino Review" just landed another cool ass scoop from his network of spies within the studios. Apparently, all the rumors you may have heard about either Seth Green, Justin Long, or David Boreanaz taking on the titular hero in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN adaptation are all bunk. According to Mayimbe, Warner Bros. would like Ryan Gosling to strap on Abin Sur’s ring as the emerald powered superhero also known as Hal Jordan. Gosling, of course, isn't the most obvious choice for the green and black spandex wearing superhero but then again Robert Downey Jr. wasn't the most obvious choice for Iron Man, was he, and look how great that turned out? In any case, no offer has been sent out to Gosling's people. He's just one of the candidates being seriously considered. What do you guys think? Good? Bad? WTF? Strike back at will!

Extra Tidbit: Gosling is featured on Canadian pop group soulDecision's album "No One Does It Better".
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