Gosling/Clooney update

I for one feel slightly saddened by the news we brought you that Ryan Gosling is no longer involved in THE LOVELY BONES, since he's an incredible actor and everything about the film was action-packed with quality. Wahlberg is a capable replacement, but he's not quite on par with him. A piece in the LA Times today has offered an explanation as to why Wahlberg was brought in, claiming that Peter Jackson was shocked when he saw Gosling turn up looking like he was wearing a fat suit. Apparently when Jackson was told by the young star that he was going to put on some weight to age himself up, Jackson was still expecting him to have the movie star allure. He didn't expect that he was going to turn up 'paunch and a beard'. Curse these god damned method actors!

The piece also goes on to suggest that the reason for George Clooney dropping out of WHITE JAZZ was the fact that recent noir period pieces (like HOLLYWOODLAND and THE BLACK DAHLIA) have done poorly at the box-office (of course, DAHLIA being a horrible movie didn't help). And the importance of a financial success might have been given more weight since MICHAEL CLAYTON hasn't exactly raked in the spondoolies. Click HERE for the article, which is a pretty interesting read, if possibly purely speculative.
Extra Tidbit: While a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, Gosling lived for a while with Justin Timberlake.
Source: LA Times



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