Goss on Tekken

Luke Goss spoke to MTV recently about the upcoming TEKKEN movie that pretty much no one is interested in hearing about. Still, I'll bite, since I used to play the game obsessively, and much like STREET FIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI, have at least some vested interest in how it turns out.

“The same producers were very adamant to make sure that the characters that were in the game translated quite literally to the movie — visually and everything... Their fight styles were studied and the way they looked, the producers wanted people that looked similar to the actual characters in the game. They understood that genre fans and game fans would want that. I think they did a good job.”

Of course, on a scale of how much that means about the quality of the film, that comment ranks just around 'diddley squat'. But Goss is cool, and I like the game, so... umm... yeah! Rock on!
Extra Tidbit: Goss will be playing an older version of the character Steve Fox.
Source: MTV



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