Got big bucks? IMAX will now build you a Private Theatre

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If you've got $400,000 lying around and nothing better to do with it, and are considered a "high-net-worth individual," then congratulations. You may qualify to bring the IMAX experience to your home with the next step in home entertainment. IMAX Private Theatre is now a thing, and you potentially may never have to leave your house in order to witness IMAX in all of its glory. 

IMAX is looking at those worth in excess of $5 million in the hopes of marketing and selling to them the idea of having their own personal IMAX set-up. China and the Middle East is their main focus at the current time, with future expansion eyed for the U.S. and Europe. 

Don't get too bummed out though, if you can't afford this luxury (Most of us can't). Those in the States and Europe wouldn't be able to land the $10,000 secure set-top box (IMAX Home Premier) that would enable them to watch theatrical releases in their home at the same time the public does. Exhibitors still have to eat and are not willing to give up their exclusivity windows, even for those with deep pockets. However, you know that will eventually crumble, because money talks and bullshit walks... and if you have the cash to put one of these theatres in your home, you've got enough influence to make these exhibitors' complaints go away. 

Essentially the IMAX technology is shrunk to fit into the space of your home theater, so hopefully either you have the space or you're in the process of having something built that could accommodate this, if you have the means. Now I know what some of that lottery money is going to be earmarked for when all my numbers come in. 

This is what dreams are made of, folks.

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Source: Bloomberg
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