Gotham's mayor passes The Dent Act and declares Batman a murderer

Harvey Dent Act banner

Breaking (yet expected) news: Mayor Anthony Garcia has signed into being what he calls "The Dent Act." This piece of legislation exists primarily to "close the loophole that existed in the previous laws that hampered the city's ability to stamp out organized crime," but will also serve as a way to remember Gotham's fallen White Night. Mayor Garcia has stated that he intends to follow this piece of legislation with another that turns the day of Dent's death into a holiday called Harvey Dent Day.

I Believe In Harvey Dent banner

Some citizens say that the tougher terms and punishments outlined in the Act have contributed to the creation of a "police state" in Gotham.  "Before the Dent Act, our city was so desperate" said Mayor Garcia "that we place our trust behind a masked vigilante who ultimately murdered the man who was truly Gotham's shining hope."

Is this the right step for Mayor Garcia, or are our liberties restricted enough? And as this piece of legislation follows on the heels of several unsubstantiated reports of a new evil in the city, something moving swiftly and silently that has people spooked, the question must be asked: are we really better off without The Batman? Have things become better in the last eight years, or do we need our Dark Knight back?

You can find the act itself below and a magnifiable version here.

The Dent Act

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES opens one month from today.



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