Gotti film gets a title, a lawsuit and maybe Dominic Cooper

The film about the Gottis seems to be one of the most lively productions in Hollywood right now, with directors leaving and drug addled actresses being cast (that would be Lindsay Lohan).

Today however, we have a fresh set of news items for the film, now under the direction of Barry Levinson. The first and foremost is that it now has an alleged title being GOTTI: IN THE SHADOW OF MY FATHER, which would seem to be appropriate seeing as the film is about the relationship between John Gotti Sr. (to be played by John Travolta) and his son John Gotti Jr. (yet to be cast).

But that "yet to be cast" part might be about to change as well. According to Roger Friedman, Dominic Cooper is in talks to play the younger Gotti, fresh off of a stint in CAPTAIN AMERICA and a lead in THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE.

The final item is a lawsuit the production is facing from none other than cast member Joe Pesci. The problem appears to be Pesci originally signed on to play Angelo Ruggerio, a pretty big part, but now they want him to be Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, a smaller part that comes with it a smaller salary that's as third as much as his old one. Who knows how that will shake out.

Extra Tidbit: Frankly surprised this isn't a Scorsese joint. Sounds right up his alley.
Source: Showbiz411Slashfilm



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