Goyer back to vamps

David Goyer will return to the world of vampires an adaptation of Mike Mignola's graphic novel "Baltimore, or The Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire." Goyer, writer of all three BLADE films, will direct the adaptation for New Regency with Mignola and Christopher Golden writing the script. The novel, which takes place after WWI, follows Lord Henry Baltimore who has been infected by a demonic vampire bat and recruits three friends to help him defeat the evil Red King and break him of his curse. Goyer has a reputation as an A-list screenwriter but his directing credits (BLADE: TRINITY, THE INVISIBLE) have left something to be desired. Goyer will next direct MAGNETO for Fox based on a script by Sheldon Turner (you can bet Goyer will add his own spin to the shooting draft). Mignola is currently in production on HELLBOY 2 with Guillermo Del Toro returning to direct.

Extra Tidbit: Goyer did scripting work on Fox's JUMPER, which hits theaters in early 2008.
Source: Variety



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