Goyer talks Magneto

The trailer for X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE is in theaters today with THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL but Wolvie wasn't the first X-Men who was to be given the origin treatment. The first announced X-MEN spinoff was actually MAGNETO. That film has been sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere while WOLVERINE leaped ahead on its way to the big-screen but we caught up with MAGNETO writer David Goyer yesterday to find out the latest on the film.

Is X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO happening soon for you? That is waiting on WOLVERINE opening. You know, Fox is just waiting to seeā€¦ I think they are curious as to what is the appetite of the spin off movie...

I read that your X-Men begins in the concentration camp. That was sort of the transformative moment for [Magneto] so there is no way you can't involve that. But the bulk of the movie takes place around 1961-1962.

Will it delve into what we have seen in the last three films? Well it takes place before all of that. The movie is really about the friendship between Charles and Eric.

Interesting that Fox is waiting for the WOLVERINE movie because I'm not so sure that the appetite for a spinoff based on Wolverine (one of the most very popular Marvel characters) and Magneto are related at all, but OK. Just a hunch, this is one of those movies that'll never happen. We'll have much more with David Goyer in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Extra Tidbit: And yes, we did ask about the next Batman movie and all he would say was, "Even if I knew anything, I wouldn't tell you."
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