Grab your guns and yayo because the Scarface reboot has a release date

Love em or hate em, reboots are (oftimes begrudgingly) a part of Hollywood's "circle of life". Some re-imaginings come along and we go, "Yeah. I can totally see why this could benefit from an update. It sure would be interesting to see how the technology of today's special effects enhances that franchise." Other times, we recoil in horror, and allow the expletives to spill forth from our mouth sewers like so much verbal muck and disgust. However, I'm finding the case of Universal's SCARFACE reboot to be an interesting one, seeing as it's The Coen Brothers that are at the scripting helm of this arguably needless cinematic update. I really dig their library of work, and if anyone can make this reboot worth checking out, it's them. 

Today, Universal has announced that SCARFACE will hit theaters on August 10, 2018. The film will be a Bluegrass Films and Global Produce production, produced by Marc Shmuger (LUCY), Scott Stuber (TED) and my man Dylan Clark (PLANET OF THE APES franchise). Martin Bregman, who produced the 1983 film, will serve in the same capacity in the re-telling of this generation’s gangster epic. 

It's anyone's guess who will be stepping into the titular role of Tony Montana, a character brought to life by a powerhouse performance courtesy of legendary actor Al Pacino. Furthermore, who will slip into the heels of Elvira Hancock, originally and expertly portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer back in the 1983 Brain De Palma original film? Assuridly, this will be some hot casting news once we get the good word, so be sure to check back frequently as more news about this lofty reboot comes to pass. 

SCRFACE is set to rule from behind a giant pile of cocain on August 10, 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Scarface was the one movie my parents wouldn't let me sister watch while we were growing up. They let me watch it, though. Would this be considered a parenting win or fail? You decide!
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