Graham a lesbian?

Heather Graham was at the top of the world not too long ago. She had her breakout roles in SWINGERS and BOOGIE NIGHTS and then the starring role in AUSTIN POWERS 2 and things seemed to be going pretty well. Then came FROM HELL in which she displayed a truly horrendous accent and the absolutely awful comedy SAY IT ISN'T SO. Suddenly Graham wasn't such a hot commodity anymore. Her recent ABC sitcom "Emily's Reasons Why Not" only lasted six episodes after a huge promotional push from the network. But Graham is looking to make a comeback and she's got a good idea: play a sexy lesbian. The actress recently played a woman who falls in love with her brother's girlfriend in the upcoming movie GRAY MATTERS. Her lesbian lover is played by none other than Bridget Moynahan, former girlfriend to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The actresses reportedly, according to reviewers on IMDB, only share one extended kiss, but Moynahan reportedly spends some time in her underwear (one reviewer said, "Moynahan spends half the film in various states of ravishing undress"). GRAY is scheduled for release next month here in the States.

Extra Tidbit: Brady broke it off with Moynahan and is currently dating model Gisele Bundchen.
Source: Tonight



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