Grandma vs. Grandma?

Being a movie-obsessed weirdo who sits around at a desk all day thinking about genre films, I spend a lot of time hatching movie "versus" scenarios. Like FREDDY VS. JASON but hopefully less sucky. Hell I even wrote an article about this very phenomenon. But in all my theorizing, I never once thought about GRANDMA VS. GRANDMA. Leave it to my fellow Jersey boys and HAROLD AND KUMAR creators Hayden Schlossburg and Jon Hurwitz to do just that.

Hayden and Jon have sold their original comedy script GRANDMA VS. GRANDMA to Paramount. The film would follow two grandmothers who aggressively compete for the affection of their grandkids when the parents go out of town. Unlike the HAROLD AND KUMAR films, which were very R-rated, GRANDMA is expected to be more of a PG-13 MEET THE PARENTS type family affair. First of all, kudos to Paramount for buying a comedy script where the two stars would be old women. We haven't seen anything like this since "Golden Girls" (and BTW, someone call Bea Arthur's agent). Second, kudos to Hayden and Jon for getting all kinds of script offers and deciding instead to write a grandma comedy on spec. That takes balls. The duo are also working on TIL BETH DO US PART at Warner Bros. and HAROLD AND KUMAR 3 and it's unclear which project would come first.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope the fight doesn't escalate to this level.
Source: THR



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