Gravitas conjures the rights to Along Came the Devil exorcism thriller

Here's some free advice: If a demonic presence asks your permission to take over your body and soul, just say no. Seriously, it's not worth the hassle. Once that insidious entity is inside, you're likely to say a bunch of things you don't mean to the people you love, and you're likely to have to clean up a lot of bodily fluids. I don't recommend it.

Today Variety has exclusively learned that Gravitas Ventures has secured the U.S. rights to ALONG CAME THE DEVIL, a spine-tingling exorcism feature formally titled TELL ME YOUR NAME. Inspired by true events, ALONG CAME THE DEVIL stars Sydney Sweeney (THE HANDMAID'S TALE), Bruce Davison (X-MEN), Jessica Barth (TED, TED 2), Madison Lintz (THE WALKING DEAD) and Matt Dallas (KYLE XY). Directing the chilling true-life tale from a script he co-wrote with Heather DeVan (PSYCHOPATH) and Dylan Matlock (OUIJA HOUSE) is filmmaker Jason Devan (MINDLESS).

In the upcoming film, Sweeney plays a young woman who, after a troubled childhood, unwittingly invites in a demonic force — leaving her loved ones battling for her soul.

Produced by husband and wife duo Jason DeVan and Heather DeVan via their DeVan Clan studio alongside Matlock, and executive produced by Kenneth C. Dunn, ALONG CAME THE DEVIL hopes to share a devilishly clever cautionary tale while scaring the bejesus out of horror fans.

ALONG CAME THE DEVIL will possess theater screens and On Demand services starting on August 10th

Source: Variety



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