Greatest Coens Moments

The Dude abides

My first brush with Joel & Ethan Coen was the Nic Cage fun fest RAISING ARIZONA, and although they have slightly misfired with some of their films -lots of people hated LADYKILLERS, but it's MAN WHO WASN'T THERE that left me cold- they populated my brains with a lifetime of unforgettable cinematic moments.

The folks from Total Film compiled a video-assisted list of the 25 Greatest Coens Moments, with plenty of Dude and Buscemi to go around. I agree with many of their choices, but their first would not necessarily be mine. For the benefit of those who like me hate having to click 25 times for one feature, I'll spoil the Top-5 right there below; for those who want the discovery for themselves, avert you eyes and head OVER HERE!


#5 - MILLER'S CROSSING, Albert Finney is attacked in his house.

#4 - THE BIG LEBOWSKI, the Gutterballs dream sequence.

#3 - FARGO, the wood chipper. ugh.

#2 - NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, the hotel showdown.

#1 - BARTON FINK, "Charlie's Back"


Agree? Don't agree? What's YOUR favorite Coens moment?

Extra Tidbit: Can't wait to see what those two will do with TRUE GRIT. Replacing The Duke is no small feat.
Source: Total Film



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