Green Lantern scribe hired to try and lasso Wonder Woman's story for the big screen

Wonder Woman glowing lasso

Just a few days ago we ran a story about Warner Brothers' Boy Wonder Will Beall being hired to try and tackle JUSTICE LEAGUE, and along with that information came the confirmation that there are quite a few solo DC hero movies in the works.

We've known about THE FLASH for some time now, which also has a pair of GREEN LANTERN writers attached (Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green), but the thus far unkown news is that Michael Goldenberg (GREEN LANTERN, PETER PAN, CONTACT) was hired to give WONDER WOMAN a go.  The state of that script is currently unknown, as is the knowledge of what Warner Bros. would even do with it as they seem to have their sights set on doing a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie first.  If they even have their sights set on anything concrete really, as the "plan" seems to be more "fumbling about" than anything else.

How much do you want to bet Warner Bros. is trying everything they can to sweet talk Christopher Nolan into "godfathering" JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Extra Tidbit: Goldenberg also adapted HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, making it one of the better POTTER films simply because it was adapted by someone other than Steve Kloves.
Source: Variety



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