Greengrass quits Bourne?

The excuse of creative differences is being used in the case of Paul Greengrass and his split from BOURNE 4.

The fourth installment is looking a bit shaky especially with this news. So what's going on with Greengrass? Part of the problem might be the issue of the script. Two scripts have been written, which is not always the best news. The first scribe is George Nolfi who was co-writer on ULTIMATUM and is currently working with Matt Damon on THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU.

A few months ago, Universal took it upon themselves to hire another writer, Josh Zetumer to write what they are calling a "parallel" script. Zetumer will be penning the new DUNE as well as THE INFILTRATOR for Leonardo DiCaprio's company, Appian Way. Universal apparently never told Greengrass that they were bringing in another writer.

Another problem might be the issue of Universal's money. GREEN ZONE the next film with the Damon/Greengrass team up was said to cost $100 million to make. However with all the reshoots and time spent in the editing room the cost is closer to $150 million which is pissing off Universal. ZONE was supposed to be something small made in between BOURNE films but ended up being much more than that.

Damon has a loyalty to Greengrass so he may walk himself. It's also been suggested that his walking off the movie may be a complete front, and sources say it's a "total Paul move". So, they may not be filming in 2010 as originally planned if they don't get their shit together.

Extra Tidbit: The dog tags of Jason Bourne's original identity read: WEBB DAVID 829 63 1204 O NEG CATHOLIC
Source: The Playlist



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