Guardians of the Galaxy to be next Telltale game

Huh. After producing their BATMAN game, it seems that Telltale is intent on creating more comic-book adventures, this time switching from DC to Marvel to make a game based off of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Like all Telltale games, it will be like a more intense "choose-your-own adventure" story, which will unfold in five parts (or episodes).

Here's a teaser trailer for the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY game that was revealed recently at The Game Awards (the same place that premiered the DEATH STRANDING trailer):

The trailer doesn't show a lot of footage (or really, any), but it does set up that this will be explicitly in the film universe (as opposed to a more original take on the mythos, like their BATMAN series). It also seems it will keep the same style and fun (and classic tunes) the film is known for. Let's see if they've been able to rope in Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, and the gang to do voice-over like the did for their GAME OF THRONES series. 

Kevin Bruner, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games had this to say about the project:

The energizing blend of humor, emotion, teamwork, and full-on sci-fi action-adventure of the Guardians provides an enormously satisfying space to explore through Telltale’s unique style of interactive storytelling
In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag band of heroes, and take the pilot’s seat in directing their escapades around the universe. We are always honored to be working with the best creative partners and storytellers in entertainment, and working with Marvel on this series leaves us excited to share what we’ve been developing when it premieres in 2017.

So no firm release date yet besides the nebulous "2017", but more news should be coming soon. 

I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited. I f*cking love me some Telltale games! The first I ever played was WOLF AMONG US (which remains a favorite), and I've never been so tense since playing their take on GAME OF THRONES. I also think it helps that it's not based on twitch movements or hand-eye coordination (besides rare, and mercifully short, quicktime events), so I can feel I'm good at a videogame because I'm not dying every five seconds. 

But what do you Schmoes think? A fan of Telltale games? And if so, you think GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is a good fit?

Extra Tidbit: James Gunn's brother, Sean Gunn, did the motion capture for Rocket Raccoon in the first film (and played a random Ravager as well).



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