Gugino alert!

I've got such a obsession crush on Carla Gugino, I'd stalk her watch any movie she's in. Cripes, if I sat through NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, I can sit through just about any piece of crap. The next project I'll be forced to watch simply for the presence of Gugino is the women's basketball drama (shudder...you're making this really hard on me, aren't you Hollywood?) OUR LADY OF VICTORY. Gugino will play coach Cathy Rush who coached the 1972 Immaculata College women's basketball team to its first championship. Also starring in the film are Ellen Burstyn and David Boreanaz. Boreanaz will play Gugino's husband in the film while Burstyn will play the team's star point guard (actually I have no idea what role she's gonna be playing). Filming is currently taking place in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Wait... Google Maps tells me that West Chester is only about a two hour drive from JoBlo Headquarters East. Gotta go, bye!!

Extra Tidbit: Rush had an impressive 91% win ratio over her coaching career.
Source: Variety



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