Guillermo Del Toro can at least look forward to the new Crimson Peak TV spot

It's been a bit of a rough spell for Guillermo Del Toro as of late. PACIFIC RIM 2 is in serious jeopardy as it currently stands. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK is no longer on his plate. And his collaboration with Hideo Kojima for SILENTS HILLS got the axe. But that never seems to stop Del Toro from smiling and plugging away at bringing a number of other projects to fruition, and the one we're closest to seeing make it all the way through the process is CRIMSON PEAK.

Less than a month away, Del Toro's return to horror has fans curious, which is always a good thing for any filmmaker to have going for his film, and the latest TV spot for CRIMSON PEAK only adds to the mystery that should hopefully lure audiences into the theater next month. At the very least Guillermo Del Toro has that going for him at the moment.

CRIMSON PEAK hopes to scare up some serious business starting October 16.



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