Guillermo del Toro gives more details on Crimson Peak; plus pictures from Pacific Rim

It seems that one of Guillermo del Toro's projects are moving along quite smoothly.

We keep getting more and more from Del Toro's haunted house flick, CRIMSON PEAK. All we currently know is that, as I said it has to do with a haunted house, and that Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam are starring. It was also mentioned earlier on that this film would be more of a throwback to older school horror.

The director provided a little more insight into it:

It’s the turn of the century. So it’s at the turn of the century and half of the movie takes place in America, and the other half takes place in a crumbling mansion in Cumbria. And basically it’s a ghost story and gothic romance, trying to subvert the rules of the usual gothic romance…the first half is a love story, then that love story turns darker. And it’s at the same time a ghost story. I’m working at this moment with Lucinda Clarkson who is a really great playwright from the UK. She has the proper degree of perversity and intelligence to turn it into something interesting to watch.

Now to shift to another flick from Del Toro. New images have popped up from PACIFIC RIM. Check those out below. Super excited for both of these.

Source: Total Film/Film



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