Guillermo del Toro's Horror anthology to bring thrills and chills to Netflix

Break out your party hats and noise makers, because GUILLERMO DEL TORO PRESENTS 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT is officially on its way to Netflix! In this new genre-defining anthology series, acclaimed Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will present a collection of personally curated stories, that are both equally sophisticated and horrific. When the frighteningly promising series arrives, del Toro will serve as the show's executive producer while bringing his own visionary style as both a writer and director to certain episodes. Furthermore, del Toro will personally vet 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT's list of writers and filmmakers who will be given the opportunity to feature their work as a part of the high-profile anthology presentation.

Del Toro will reteam with THE SHAPE OF WATER producer J. Miles Dale, who will serve as an executive producer for the Netflix original series alongside Exile Entertainment's Gary Ungar. The 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT project will serve as both del Toro and Netflix's first anthology offering. The amount of episodes granted to the series has yet to be revealed at this time.

What kind of tales would you like to see included in GUILLERMO DEL TORO PRESENTS 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT? Would you be down to watch more fantasy-related stories a la PAN'S LABYRINTH and THE SHAPE OF WATER? Perhaps you'd like to see the KRONOS filmmaker helm a slasher-style story, or maybe an "evil toys come to life" scenario? Let us know if you're excited for this project, and what kind of material you'd like to see when GUILLERMO DEL TORO PRESENTS 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT makes its Netflix debut, using the comments section below.

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