Guillermo Del Toro says if Pacific Rim 2 happens, expect to see a Kaijaeger!

PACIFIC RIM is approaching $180 million worldwide, but the $68 million domestic gross may be a big hurdle for the film's chances at getting a sequel. But, since the early days of production, Guillermo Del Toro has been talking about what we would expect to see from PACIFIC RIM 2, when and if it happens.

Slash Film gathered some quotes from Del Toro regarding where Travis Beacham's in progress script is headed. The question is: where can you go to top giant robots fighting giant monsters? How about the ultimate love child?  (WARNING: Spoilers if you haven't seen PACIFIC RIM!)

I’ll tell you a couple of things. We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure. We will have Gipsy 2.0 for sure. Second thing is you’re gonna see a merging of Kaiju and Jaeger. And that is quite special.

How is that possible?

Just think about it for a second. We sent Gipsy to the other side, right? It exploded, but whatever remains stays there.

Anything else?

We’ve drifted with a Kaiju brain. Well, then start riffing on that and you’ll get to something.

I loved PACIFIC RIM and really don't think a sequel is necessary, but this would be an intriguing way to up the ante.  For those who have seen the movie, you know that the Kaiju are not naturally born but created by an intelligent alien race.  Now that they know their monsters can be defeated, why not combine your enemy with your creation for some major biotech horrorforms!

So far, PACIFIC RIM is grossing the most in South Korea, so who knows what will happen when it opens in China and Japan.  Those results could push us to the brink of witnessing Guillermo Del Toro getting to play once more in the wondrous sandbox he has created.

Source: Slash Film



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