Guillermo del Toro says that he may be done making Hollywood blockbusters

It's not always sunshine and unicorn farts being a Guillermo del Toro fan; for every piece of entertainment he produces there are countless other promising projects which are abandoned, either by del Toro himself or by a studio reluctant to cough up the dough. PACIFIC RIM 2 is the latest del Toro project to encounter a laundry list of issues which ultimately led to the studio bumping it off their schedule, although del Toro recently said that a budget is in place and they're merely awaiting Jon Spaihts' script. As these PACIFIC RIM 2 delays are only the latest in a long line of misfortunes, Guillermo del Toro spoke with The Guardian and revealed that his time playing in the big-budget Hollywood sandbox may be at an end:

What I can tell you quite safely is, I don’t intend to keep on doing big, giant Hollywood movies for much longer. Crimson Peak is a great permit for me to work on a smaller scale. I mean, it’s big for a drama, but it’s a much smaller undertaking than Pacific Rim or Hellboy. I can’t say which ones, but I’ve been offered gigantic movies in the superhero genre, but I don’t like the superheroes that are… nice. I like the dark ones, so Blade and Hellboy were right for me. The mechanics of action only interest me when it’s a universe very, very close to my heart, which Pacific Rim is, and I love it. I’m not going to pursue action movies or superhero movies at all any more. I hope I can go back to doing the smaller, weirder ones.

It's easy to understand his frustrations as those tentpole pictures take up quite a lot of time and, as we've learned, don't always work out. Guillermo del Toro had previously expressed an interest to return to his low-budget roots, and while del Toro clarified that this will NOT be his next feature, he discussed a potential future film which has been on his mind for many years but was unfortunately discarded when his family fled the country and was forced to pay an exorbitant ransom after his father was kidnapped. The film, known as SILVER, would be a black and white film about a Mexican masked wrestler who discovers that all politicians are vampires. Those of you who watched this last season of The Strain may notice that some aspects of SILVER have already been realized. Guillermo del Toro's next film is still unknown, but the director has said that it will be a smaller film which will shoot next year. Fingers crossed.

CRIMSON PEAK opens on October 16, 2015.

Source: The Guardian



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