Guillermo's diary!

If you've ever watched any of Guillermo del Toro's movies (and if you're reading this site, I'm quite sure you have) and wondered where he gets the ideas for some of the fantastical creatures he comes up with, you're in for a treat. The New York Times has posted a new feature called "Dear Diary" where del Toro shares pages from his HELLBOY II visual journal along with audio commentary from Guillermo himself talking about the creatures. The pages highlight The Beanstalk (right), Abe, Mr. Wink, Cathedral Head and The Deadly Root. The writings are in Spanish (obviously) but I like that on the Beanstalk drawing it says in big all-caps "FACELESS CAVEBERSERKER." And that's why we love Guillermo. There's a lot here to look at, listen to and enjoy but if you haven't seen the movie yet, there may be some minor spoilers. Del Toro told the paper that he may someday publish his journals for all his fans to read but sadly there are no formal plans. To check out the HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY diary, click here to head to the NY Times.

Extra Tidbit: Because of legal and security issues, del Toro sketches his HOBBIT art on loose paper or napkins.
Source: New York Times



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