Guns 'N Roses 'N Leo

Hey, remember all the excitement when rockers Guns 'N Roses were going to be involved with the Dirty Harry flick THE DEAD POOL? Well, since a lot of you were in grade school or at least a decade away from reliable internet resources, probably not. Maybe you read about it in Creem or Kerrang.

If there's still anyone out there whose interest in the band goes beyond morbid curiosity or slightly embarrassing nostalgia, you'll be thrilled to know some new material is finally on the way from yowling frontman Axl Rose and whoever currently plays instruments behind him.

After countless years of working on the new album "Chinese Democracy", a track called "If the World" is being unleashed, and it's associated with a fairly high-profile film. The song will reportedly be over the closing credits of BODY OF LIES, Ridley Scott's impending action-espionage film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. So you can listen to Axl's attempted vocals while learning who provided the production's catering. Bonus!

Another track will be included in the videogame ROCK BAND 2, and the Duffless and Slash-free Guns 'N Roses album, which will be a Best Buy exclusive, is expected on November 25th. Believe it or whatever.

Thanks to 'Tyler V.' for being so effing metal.

Extra Tidbit: "Sweet Child O' Mine" played over the end credits of the 80s horror flick BAD DREAMS before becoming an unavoidable hit.
Source: Rolling Stone



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