Gus Van Sant wants to direct Fifty Shades of Grey so badly that he filmed a test sex scene starring Alex Pettyfer

Well, this is an interesting way to apply for a job. Renowned director Gus Van Sant really wants to direct the big screen version of the bestselling novel FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. He wants it so bad, in fact, he just filmed a test scene with MAGIC MIKE actor Alex Pettyfer as the lead character Christian Grey. According to The Wrap, this was not paid for by Universal and was Van Sant's idea.

Universal and Focus Features are trying their hardest to remove FIFTY SHADES OF GREY from the mommy-porn image that it has conjured in the media. They have been vocal that they are looking for a talented, high class director to helm the movie. Van Sant certainly has the indie cred and has made some very sexual films in the past, including MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. He has twice been nominated for Best Director for MILK and GOOD WILL HUNTING. His most recent movie was PROMISED LAND with Matt Damon. But, his slate is wide open right now.

Pettyfer is best known for last year's MAGIC MIKE and has gathered a large online following of fans of the novel who would love to see him play Christian Gray. There is no word on who the actress was who had the pleasure of filming the scene.

As has been the case with past news regarding this adaptation, many of you could give two shits about this movie. But, it begs the question when someone of Van Sant's talent as a filmmaker wants to venture into this type of project. Maybe this is his attempt at another PSYCHO? You know, as in he is trying to see how hard it is to make an awful movie.

Source: The Wrap



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